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Technology Excellence is the first step towards Successful delivery of any project. KnowledgeOps imparts rigorous training to all the employees and supports continuous self-study, By learning emerging technologies. This helps us provide a best fit technology stack to the business and client .


Perfection with business requirements, planning schedule, identifying milestones, best fit technology analysis, risks and mitigation, code review, functional test cases, causal on slippages, escalation mechanisms and comprehensive documentation are the part of Standard practice.


Delivery Best practices in KnowledgeOps is a result of Technology Excellence and rigorous application of Processes. Both breed consistency and quality in outputs. Moreover experience & expertise at the steering carefully guide the development team to interact the clients for achieving best outcome.


Innovative thinking, solutioning, implementation with timely and quality delivery practices, deep dive & out of the box thinking to help the client derive value out of the sponsored IT projects. We focus on both short term plan of the client but align the deliverables to the long term vision of the client.

About KnowledgeOps

Do Good and Relax, at KnowledgeOps Software Solutions , We aspire beyond the everyday doing Good for our Clients,Partners and Employees.

Globally, the business and technology landscape is undergoing a tectonic shift.The businesses are now evaluating Cost Effective Technology Platforms,more than ever before, for creating Digital Assets to solve critical business demands,both short and long term.

We as Technology and Business warriors, are equipped with the necessary skills and valuable industry experience, to help businesses create such Digital Assets as per their needs. We do Consulting,Custom Application Development and have a Software Products in our arsenal to quickly bridge the Gap between AS-IS and TO-BE in a few business verticals. We believe that relationship with our clients does not end after project closure and hence we provide excellent Client Support to help them adapt to the new way of doing things.

We primarily focus on business areas such as Customer Relationship Managment for managing leads, eCommerce for generating sales ,Inventory Management for streamlining processes, MIS and Reporting for ready access to well curated information. We provide services in these areas through Commercial Off The Shelf products and bespoke development as well. Development is done on top of the latest technology frameworks which shoudl also be the BEST FIT solutions for the given requirements.

Our Elite Services


Theme based Website development,Advanced Plugin development,Scalable sites across multiple verticals, we have used Wordpress, a battle tested CMS across a large number of projects.

Enterprise Solutions

Highly Scalable,Custom and Quality Solutions that are Cloud ready and built on top of widely adopted and most recent open source, client and server side frameworks.


Native implementations and React Native applications for cross platform deployments

Product Development

Developing World class products are always a passion with the team at KnowledgeOps.eCommerce ,Inventory Management ,MIS and Reporting to name a few

Executive Team

He has 42 years of varied experience in the field of Oil & Power. He was Executive Director (Finance) in Indian

Mr.Sudershan Kumar Garg

CEO (Advisory Capacity)

He brings depth as well as breadth in technology space by the virtue of his experience of over 18 years

Mr.Milan Garg

Director (Chief Technical Officer)

He has over 20 years of experience in IT projects delivery, managing Large Accounts and handling sales

Mr.PK Parida

Project Delivery Head
We offer the following services
.NET Framework

The .NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft and several million WEB Applications run on top of it. There have been a lot of positive and massive developments in the framework in the form of .NET MVC and now .NET Core frameworks ,which have helped improved Code Structuring during development , Speed and Security. We are confident that .NET Frameworks can support any Enterprise Web Development requirement due to the large number of availaible plugins and by the very fact that it is backed by Microsoft, a technology giant, in it's own right. We prefer to implement our enterprise ready B2B products on the .NET MVC and .NET Core technology stack.

We offer the following services
Laravel Development

Laravel has taken the PHP web developer world by storm.Laravel's team own motto is Make Web Development Enjoyable. The framework built on top of PHP 7 provides several out of the box features , that help any development team to rapidly develop any sort of web applications.It is gaining widespread acceptance and will surely become the de-facto web application development framework in the PHP world. We have considerable experience in developing medium and complex Websites on Laravel to service a large customer base that includes over a million active users.

We offer the following services
PHP Wordpress Development

At its inception in 2003, WordPress was just a blogging platform—now it is the largest CMS on the market. Powering more than 30% of websites on the internet. WordPress is the fastest growing CMS, with roughly 500+ new sites being built daily in the top 10 million websites on the web. WordPress powers 14.7% of top 100 websites in the world. There are over 50,000 mostly free and paid plugins available to WordPress users. These plugins allows us to customize and enhance any WordPress site. We specialize in Wordpress and in areas such as theme based Website development & plugin development across multiple business verticals.

We offer the following services
Angular/React Development

The two gaints of javascript that glue toghether all components required for rapid development of Dynamic Web Apps.

We offer the following services
SalesForce Development & Support

We offer the following services
Dev Ops

We offer the following services
AWS/Azure Cloud Support

We offer the following services
Digital Content & Marketing for Leads and Sales

  • .NET Framework
  • Laravel Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Angular/React
  • Salesforce Support
  • Dev Ops
  • AWS/Azure Cloud Support
  • Digital Marketing

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